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Product Launch: New Counterbalance System Neutralizes Weight of Heavy Doors and Covers
Southco has recently expanded its Positioning Technology portfolio with the addition a system designed to neutralize the weight of heavy doors and covers. The CB Lift-A-SYST series combines assisted lifting force and positional stability through the full range of motion for opening and closing to make equipment operation safe an..
Product Launch: New Compact Compression Latch for Limited Spaces
Southco has expanded its successful E3 VISE ACTION® Compression Latch series with a compact version designed for limited space applications. The compact E3 Compression Latch combines high strength with a smaller design footprint for secure, vibration resistant latching in even the most challenging operating environments. With..
Product Launch: New Quarter-Turn Fastener Prevents Over Tightening
Southco has expanded its DZUS® Quarter-Turn product line with the launch of a captive-style fastener that prevents over tightening. The DZUS® D9 Tech Line Quarter-Turn Fastener combines Southco’s proven quarter-turn and captive fastening technologies to create a next generation solution that provides consistent, reliable clampin..